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Tourism in the Maldives began in 1972 with a mere 280 beds on 2 resort islands. Since then, the industry has grown rapidly transforming the Maldives into an upmarket international holiday destination with a global reputation, winning international acclaim and awards. Sustainable tourism development has been the key to the Maldives success as a tourist destination. Today, tourism accounts for 24 percent of GDP.
As the government is striving to meet its pledge of opening 50 resorts by the end of this term and encourage investments, enormous effort are being undertaken to achieve this goal.
Maldives as an emerging tourist destination in Asia offering uniquely branded “must experience” value for money destinations and products to its domestic and international markets the Ministry of Tourism is planning to hold tourism investment forums in specific countries in Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asian countries. The Plan is intended to encourage and allow potential investors and current industry stakeholders to identify and take full advantage of the potential benefits from a planned development. In addition these forums will help in achieving and promoting more inclusive growth for this sector of the economy and ensure value chains are developed to increase value from the sector for development across the Maldives.

The overall objective of the consultancy to is to further strengthen and enhance the Tourism investment opportunities of Maldives and support the Ministry in the preparation and participation in Investment forums. The position will be expected to act as primary focal point for all internal and external stakeholders related to Tourism Investment.

Key Deliverables
1. Prepare a strategic investment promotional plan for the tourism sector based on discussions with relevant authorities, industry leaders, stakeholders and other relevant authorities. This plan shall include situational analysis, financial and human resource requirements, implementation plan and monitoring and evaluation.
2. Assist the Ministry in aspects related to promotion of tourism investments.

Scope of Work
The Consultancy firm/Consultant will work at Ministry of Tourism under supervision of senior officials of Ministry of Tourism and in close cooperation with other members of the Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation. During this period the consultant would be expected to work full-time on this assignment and will be based in Male, Maldives.
The successful Consultancy firm/Consultant will have responsibility for the budgeting, preparation and management of all logistical issues and arrangements related to organizing and attending successful and Investments Forums.

The Consultancy firm/Consultant is expected to undertake the following tasks;
a) Review and recommend strategies to encourage Tourism investments.
b) Developing, implementing and updating long-term Maldives Tourism investment promotion plan
c) Develop an action plan on destination investment promotion and identifying Maldives Tourism potential to attract investment.
d) Development and execute e-based tourism investment promotional plan.
e) Serve as the primary focal point for showcasing Maldives at the investment event. Liaise with international participants/partners on sharing information on necessary administrative procedures for attending and organizing the investment forums.
f) Actively work to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders including government agencies, regional bodies, key industries and business organizations that affect, or are affected by Investment Promotion activities.
g) Prepare the required presentations to be presented at the forums.
h) Ensure appropriate mechanisms to facilitate collaboration and exchange of information acquired through the forums.
i) Preparation of the Tourism investment promotional materials.
j) Overall management of Investment Promotion.
k) Performs other duties as required.

Qualification and Technical Competencies
• A Masters or higher degree in Business Management and/or related fields. Familiarity with Tourism laws and regulation, experience in marketing and investment promotion will be an added advantage.
• Extensive knowledge and at least 5 years’ Marketing and Investment promotion experience.
• Excellent communication skills (written & oral English) are an essential requirement.
• Knowledge of the tourism industry.

Consultancy fee
The consultancy fee for the assignment will be MVR 20,000 -25,000 per month.

The assignment duration is 6 months commencing from the date of the contract. The Consultancy firm/Consultant will be expected to travel to selected countries to carryout tourism investment forums.

Duty Station
Ministry of Tourism, Government of Maldives, Male’, Maldives

Terms and Conditions
The Ministry shall make available and provide the following to the Consultancy firm/Consultant free of charge:
– Relevant documents, data, statistics and information at the disposal of the Government
– If necessary, adequately experienced counterparts on a full-time basis to co-operate with and assist the consultant in carrying out the duties shall be provided
– If required, a workstation with local telephone and internet connection at the Ministry of Tourism during working hours
– Facilitation of logistical arrangements for services related to official duties requiring travel outside of Male’
– In pursuit of the duties, should the Consultancy firm/Consultant require interviews or any communication with the personnel of the industry, it should be arranged and conducted with the consent and representation of government. The Consultancy firm/Consultant shall not accept any courtesies or invitation offered from any party other than from the Government.

Reporting Procedures
A focal point would be appointed from the Ministry of Tourism who will be responsible to manage the proposed consultancy. The appointed Consultancy firm/Consultant should periodically report the progress of the work to the focal point.

Responsibility and Confidentiality
Documents or data provided by the government for the purpose of this consultancy which is not of public nature shall be considered confidential and should not be disclosed to any other party.

Application Procedure
Interested Consultancy firm/Consultant should submit their CV/Profile of consultancy firm, Certificates, experience letters along with the letter of interest to Planning Section, Ministry of Tourism before 10th January 2018.
Planning Section,
Ministry of Tourism
5th Floor, Velaanaage,
Male’, Republic of Maldives.

Email: [email protected]

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