Updates on the Covid-19 Situation in the Maldives



Maldives Covid-19 Situation Updates

To get the latest updates on COVID-19 for Maldives please visit Health Ministry Covid-19 Dashboard

  • Planning your Trip
  • VISA Requirements
    • FREE 30-day visa ON-ARRIVAL VISA for ALL TOURISTS.
    • Passport must have at least 1-month validity from the date of your expected departure in the Maldives.
    • A confirmed pre-booking at a registered tourist facility is a pre-requisite for the visa. Up until guesthouse tourist facilities are to be reopened at a later date, a booking is considered valid ONLY for a tourist resort facility, liveaboards, and/or pre-approved transit facilities..
    • Tourist visa extensions will be made available for long-stay tourists without imposition of any further fees.
  • Before your Departure to Maldives
  • During the Flight

    We recommend following these steps to protect yourself and others when you travel:

    • Please follow the guidance of your airline and airline crew at all times
    • Wear a face mask
    • Clean your hands often
    • If you feel the onset of symptoms while on board, inform the airline crew immediately.
  • Arrival to the Maldives

    Velana International Airport (VIA) has implemented social distancing measures with clearly visible signs and floor markings in passenger terminals.

    All visitors MUST keep a distance of at least ONE meter (3 FEET) between one another at all times, while in these spaces.

    Measures at the Border

    • As you disembark from the aircraft, airport authorities will ensure that all visitors are wearing masks.
    • As you enter the arrival terminal and make your way through to immigration, you will be guided past thermal screening cameras.
    • Hand sanitizers will be widely available throughout the airport. Please use it liberally.
    • Those who exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms will be asked to exit the queue and will be transferred to a designated testing area.
    • The Government of Maldives will also be carrying out Random Sampling on arrivals as part of our health surveillance measures. The cost for these voluntary tests will be borne by the Government of Maldives.
  • Airport Procedure
    • Hand sanitization and other protective measures will be provided at all immigration counters
    • After immigration counters all visitors must proceed to customs and baggage collection
    • If required, visitors must declare at Customs declaration zone before exiting the terminal to meet the resort representatives
  • Symptomatic Tourists

    If an individual exhibits Covid-19 symptoms on arrival, they will have to undergo a PCR test. If you are travelling in a group, all members of the group must undergo testing.

    Individuals who have been selected for PCR testing will be escorted to the testing area and then transferred to a transit facility until test results are received. Please note that the Government of Maldives will not bear the costs of these tests or stay at the transit facility.

    Government will take every step to ensure that results of tests are available within a maximum period of 24 hours from time at which sample is taken.

  • Domestic Transfers
    • We ask all visitors to wear a mask at all times and to remain in seats designated by the airline.
  • At the Place of Stay
    • Tourist facilities operating in this phase have submitted Covid-19 management plans to authorities prior to re-opening. These facilities at a minimum ensure designated room for isolation, quarantine, access to medical care, social distancing measures, a Covid-19 safety manager.
    • All visitors must report any symptoms if any to the Safety Manager as soon as possible.
    • If a tourist exhibits any symptoms of Covid-19 they must self-isolate in their room, until a test is carried out. They must continue self-isolate until test results are received and even if they test negative, they MUST avoid common areas until all Covid-19 like symptoms clear up.
    • In case the guest tests positive, depending on their medical condition, they may stay in the resort in self-isolation if the resort allows it.
  • Departure From Maldives
    • A health declaration form must be submitted via IMUGA prior to departure from the Maldives.
    • No other restrictions apply unless the individual has been placed in isolation or quarantine.
  • Quarantine or Isolation
  • Voluntary Testing
    • Voluntary PCR / Anti Body testing facilities will be made available for exit screen requirement. The tourist establishment of the guest will make necessary arrangements

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